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I Am Niki.
Graphic designer.

About Me

I am a designer. It is my passion in life. May it be graphic design or digital art I design everyday.

The University of Tampa offered a New Media and Design travel course in Spring of 2014. Taking part in this travel course changed my perspective on design. We were able to see the Basel School of Design in Basel, Switzerland, the Bauhaus Museum in Berlin, Germany, and the Bauhaus School in Dessau, Germany. All of these are monumental to the history of design. While at the Basel School of Design we were given a lecture by one of the Design school’s professors. He went into detail about different design principles and the curriculum at the school of design.

Photo manipulation in digital art is what drew me to the industry of design. The ability to combine different pictures with illustrations or type to create a whole new piece is extremely rewarding. Growing up I always loved taking pictures, having those visual memories. When I learned how to take these photographs to the next level I was completely engrossed. I have been given a whole new perspective on Typography, many believe it is easy to just put some words on a page or integrate them with a photo but I learned differently over the past few semesters. I look at design and can immediately spot poor typographic skills.

The main goal of design is to clearly communicate with the consumer. I have learned how to effectively do that at The University of Tampa. Design is always growing and changing and I plan to do so with it.


Anatomy of Typography

This project was focused on self started research on the anatomy of specific typefaces.

Product Branding

Electus Global Education Co. Inc., is a start up company that is putting out The Life Hub Learning Center.

Corporate Rebranding

The Raven Patch was one of the most difficult but most rewarding projects I have done throughout college.

Publication Design

I created a printed publication that explored typography. I chose to compare the typefaces four search engines used.


This project was extremely fun. I was asked to create a packaging trio for a chocolate bar.

Corporate Rebrand

As a student I was asked to rebrand a company. Sharpie had logo type only, no mark.

Design Package

This packaging project I was asked to create a package trio for hot cocoa.

Marketing Videos

My job at Digital Risk included preforming end to end video creation. Below are 2 software videos I created in my time there.

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